Home again, again

Yesterday my visit to Switzerland came to an end and it was time to return home. I had such a busy social time I didn’t take many pictures – especially on the iPad which was the only way to upload each day. So yesterday’s photo is very boring.

Zurich Main Station

Zurich Main Station from the Upper Level of the Train

My journey began in the early afternoon. I left Tillierstrasse and took the bus to the station in Bern. You MUST buy a ticket before you board the train in Switzerland these days but there are plenty of ticket machines at the station. With my heavy case I chose a train direct from Bern to Zurich Airport. Paul had given me a voucher for use in the Dining Car so I was happy to travel in style and eat a Riz Casimir and Sweet Chai tea. It would have cost an English arm-and-a-leg but hey, with the voucher my contribution, plus unnecessary tip (a few euro cent coins), was minimal.

From the Airport Railway Station to Checkin and Bag Drop is just a few steps. Soon unencumbered by a suitcase I was able to move around the beautiful shopping and eating area airside. It was time for my dessert when I saw the ice cream in the Lindt shop – I chose delicious hazelnut flavour with an extra spoonful of the chopped nuts.

The flight to London is just one hour twenty minutes but on arrival at Terminal 5 I discovered my flight to Leeds was delayed by half an hour. Just time for a cup of tea at EAT. And I didn’t even raise an eyebrow at the price of teabag in hot water in a cardboard cup … after all I had just spent a few days in eye-wateringly expensive Switzerland.

I still haven’t been put off though – I’m sure I will go back!

Herr Mauchli

Barbara’s cat Herr Mauchli


The Albula Line for Kids … and me

I noticed at the station in Davos that in order to capture children’s imagination and encourage them to hike along the Albula Experience Way a book has been published : Türli und Flidari auf dem Bahnerlebnisweg. Then at each Information Board as you walk the route between Preda (1792m ASL and freezing cold!) and Bergün you notice the little T&F cartoons.

Furli and Flidari

Türli und Flidari auf dem Bahnerlebnisweg

Brio Albula

On one board there’s an explanation of how the line has been built to rise so high in the Alps. It is likened to the corkscrew attached to the wee red Swiss Army knife.

Cork screw

The Corkscrew


The Explanation : is this really for kids?

My favourite was this one which shows in Tintin-like fashion what the third class carriages were like 100 years ago!

3rd class seats

Day One : I made it to the Swiss Alps!

Agnes and me

It’s evening now on my first day here at Schiers where I am to help Agnes with her B&B guests.

I travelled from Leeds to Manchester and thence with a Swiss flight to Zürich Airport. The train station is right inside the airport so I managed to catch the train one hour earlier than I had expected as I already had my ticket for the day’s travel. For Schiers you have to change trains twice – at Zürich Main Station and in Landquart where you join the pretty red Rhätische Bahn for the short journey to Schiers. Much of the journey is alongside the Lake of Zürich and then the Walensee. As you leave the lakes the snowy mountain peaks appear and you feel you are really in the Swiss Alps.

My room

Agnes met me at the station and prepared the meal whilst I unpacked and settled into my room. It’s a typical Swiss style – pine walls and furniture and I’m beginning to make it my own. We ate supper on the verandah – bruschetta followed by local white asparagus with salmon and potatoes, then Alpen herb tea to follow.

Schiers from room

Schiers from my window

Looking up the Prättigau Valley from room

The Prättigau Valley from my window

From the supper table

View from the Terrace Table