Another day, another country. Liechtenstein

Am just back from warm and sunny Liechtenstein. Less than an hour away by train and train and bus I just had to add another country and capital city to my list!

Schloss Vaduz from Löwen

The Vaduz Castle from the Gasthof Löwen terrace

Really, it is just an extension of Switzerland across the River Rhine. I had a drink on the terrace of the 600-year old Gasthof Löwen, took the bus up to Triesenberg and visited the Heimat Museum, taking in the “Diashow” telling the story of the local area which was interesting. But I must say once you have seen one Heimat Museum you have seen them all. Anyway, this one had a bit of additional history that I hope to post about elsewhere.

Obligatory cow bells

Obligatory Cow Bell Display

The usual weaving loom

The Standard Heimat Museum Weaving Loom

Traditional bonnet

Traditional Liechtensteiner Bonnet

Back down in Vaduz I was even tempted into the Briefmarkenmuseum by this poster outside :

Views concerning letters

It was worth the Free Entry to see the selection of engravings.

How shall I start?

How shall I begin?

The postman

The Postman : a walking stationer and letter-box

… yes, yes, a country the size of a postage stamp needs a postage stamp museum.

Philately Museum

Literary stamps

Famous Characters from Classical Literature Stamps

There was time for tea and tart near the bus station where I then boarded the slow bus back to Sargans and only just made my connecting train. I had promised Agnes that I would be back in time to greet a guest arriving between 5 and 6. And I was. Phew!

Liechtenstein book cupboard

And an Open Liechtenstein Books Cupboard : Take, Exchange, Give