In Heidiland!

It’s been a wonderful day today because after breakfast I got a lift into nearby Bad Ragaz and met my dear friend, Susanne, from Nidwalden. We spent the morning at the Tamina Gorge and the afternoon in Maienfeld. Johanna Spyri was visiting friends in Jenins near Maienfeld when she was inspired the write the world famous story of Heidi.

In the evening Susanne’s husband Ueli and their daughter, Leandra, arrived by car and Agnes and I made dinner (mainly Agnes!) and we were able to sit outside until late eating and talking. Tomorrow we are bound for St Moritz – but right now I need my beauty sleep.

Here are two pictures from the many I took today :

Tamina Gorge

The Taminaschlucht (Gorge)

Heidi House

The Heidi House above Maienfeld