Home again, again

Yesterday my visit to Switzerland came to an end and it was time to return home. I had such a busy social time I didn’t take many pictures – especially on the iPad which was the only way to upload each day. So yesterday’s photo is very boring.

Zurich Main Station

Zurich Main Station from the Upper Level of the Train

My journey began in the early afternoon. I left Tillierstrasse and took the bus to the station in Bern. You MUST buy a ticket before you board the train in Switzerland these days but there are plenty of ticket machines at the station. With my heavy case I chose a train direct from Bern to Zurich Airport. Paul had given me a voucher for use in the Dining Car so I was happy to travel in style and eat a Riz Casimir and Sweet Chai tea. It would have cost an English arm-and-a-leg but hey, with the voucher my contribution, plus unnecessary tip (a few euro cent coins), was minimal.

From the Airport Railway Station to Checkin and Bag Drop is just a few steps. Soon unencumbered by a suitcase I was able to move around the beautiful shopping and eating area airside. It was time for my dessert when I saw the ice cream in the Lindt shop – I chose delicious hazelnut flavour with an extra spoonful of the chopped nuts.

The flight to London is just one hour twenty minutes but on arrival at Terminal 5 I discovered my flight to Leeds was delayed by half an hour. Just time for a cup of tea at EAT. And I didn’t even raise an eyebrow at the price of teabag in hot water in a cardboard cup … after all I had just spent a few days in eye-wateringly expensive Switzerland.

I still haven’t been put off though – I’m sure I will go back!

Herr Mauchli

Barbara’s cat Herr Mauchli


Rossgasse Cats : the Inanimate Ones

In addition to dear Raki, Hera and Lucy the chalet is also home to a rather large number of inanimate cats. They come in all sizes and colours and even shapes and are made of all sorts of materials and some are even 2 dimensional. Here are just a few which I took without moving from the ground floor.

Cats 1

Cats 2

Cats 3

Cats 4

A Pussy Bank?

Cats 5

Cats 6

Cats 7

Cats 8


Just throwing in the lovely posy of flowers for good measure!

Flora and Fauna above Davos

After the morning ‘work’ was done yesterday I decided to head off in the opposite direction from Chur and visit Davos. Due to work on the line this summer the train only goes as far as Klosters and from there you have to take a replacement bus to Davos Platz. There is another station called Davos Dorf and although it’s all one place it must be 1.5 to 2 miles between the two.

Alpinum poster

From the station I saw sign pointing to a cable car/funicular entitled “Schatzalp”. I can’t spend long in Switzerland without being tempted to take a trip up a mountain as soon as the opportunity arises. Many of the lifts are closed in between seasons but this one was open so I jumped aboard and was soon whisked away almost into the clouds. But not quite.

Alpinum 1

On leaving the “Berg Station” (1861m ASL) I was confronted by a large hotel and the directions to the Alpinum. Along a corridor and out onto the hotel terrace the gardens stretch below. It was 8C but the air was very special, clean and fresh and clear and the views magnificent – despite the clouds.

Here are some pictures of the views and gardens of the Alpinum.

Alpinum 2

Alpinum 3

Alpinum 5

Alpinum 6


Wild flower meadow

Insect hotel

An Insect Hotel

From the Alpinum I took the footpath gently down back into Davos itself and so back to Schiers.

Self Davos

On the path with Davos in the valley

Spot the birdie

Snapped this bird – but no idea what it is!


Finally, here is the hotel cat taking 40 winks. He’s called Barry but that is normally a dog’s name in Switzerland – especially St Bernards.


Me and RakiRaki is probably my favourite of the Rossgasse cats. Poor Raki was found in a bin in Zurich by Agnes’ daughter’s neighbour. The neighbour had enough cats already but was on the look out for someone to take him on. So, Agnes stepped in. Raki is disabled from brain damage but able to get around in a clumsy ‘drunken’ fashion; hence his name. Raki is a Turkish alcoholic drink. One of Agnes’ favourite holiday locations is Crete and raki is also called by that name in Crete. “Cretan tsikoudia (which is also known locally as raki)


When the food is being distributed Raki can MOVE! He hobbles along so quickly. He could, of course, also be called Lucky. Not only is Raki a survivor from birth but he has a penchant for lying in the road outside the house. About 6 cars a day come along this road and he doesn’t always move out of the way so the cars stop and someone gets out and lifts Raki to the roadside out of danger.

Raki in the Road

Raki in the road

Raki again

Rossgasse Cats, 1: Hera

We have three cats here at the B&B on Rossgasse just outside the village of Schiers in Canton Graubünden. Today I am introducing Hera. She’s named after the Greek goddess.


Agnes’ grandson Dimitri chose the name because three years ago he loved his grandma to read him tales from Greek mythology. Hera believes she really is the queen of cats. She always chooses to sit on a chair with a cushion and she never sprawls on the ground in the sunshine, or shade, as the other two do. She is more fussy about what she will and won’t eat too. Given the chance she would sit at the table with us to eat. Hera is very aptly named.