Wet, wet, wet

It started to rain in Schiers last evening and I’m not sure whether it stopped all day.
After breakfast the Canadians left to catch their trains and flights.
Agnes and I changed the beds in their rooms and I did the ironing indoors whilst Agnes prepared our evening meal.
Then we drove to Chur. As we left our valley the rain stopped and the sky cleared. Agnes needed to visit the bank and then we headed for Marron the cafe opposite the station.
For lunch I chose the “Churer Fleischtorte” (a slice of pie made from local meats) and Agnes chose the Club Sandwich.
Then we needed a walk and visited the old part of town calling in at interesting-looking shops.
When we returned to Schiers the rain began again. But maybe it had rained all day here. Certainly everywhere looked very wet.
We’re hoping for better weather tomorrow.

The new Switzerland BnB sign

Churer Fleischtorte Maroner Art

Schiers and rain from my window this morning