After delays … Luino!

Not strictly Switzerland, but I’ll be back there on Monday, this afternoon after a delayed journey I arrived in Italy.
All started fine with a train to Chur and bus waiting for the 2+ hour journey to Bellinzona.


Ready to leave Schiers


Bus 171 Chur to Bellinzona


We arrive at Sufers


It’s a popular area for hiking


I followed the journey on the map and via the Postbus audio guide


The village of San Bernardino after the long San Bernardino Tunnel


Not long after this we joined a long tailback of traffic – this was the view


We were given water and a Route Description

We finally arrived over an hour late at Bellinzona. But this was no problem as Barbara’s train was due at that time anyway. In the end her train was delayed but our Luino train was held up for us so we got there exactly on time. Barbara (yes, we are three Barbaras) and Monique met us and we have relaxed with this view of Lake Maggiore all evening.


I’ll be back in Switzerland on Monday!


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