A Last walk Around Schiers

Tomorrow Agnes is arranging to pick up a car via the Swiss Mobility programme and she wants to take me to some places that I haven’t been yet! That will be lovely as on Saturday I have to clean my room and bathroom and pack my case. In the afternoon I will take advantage of the Fly Luggage arrangement via Swiss Railways in partnership with Swiss Airlines. On Sunday I fly home and my Swiss Adventure will be over for this year. But another year … who knows?


So after the morning jobs and lunch and a rest I took off for a final walk down to the road and into Schiers. You can get a good view of the house from the road and also check that the donkeys are OK!

The Chalet


Rossgasse 2

Rossgasse 3

Chalet from the road

The Chalet from the Road below

The farm below

The Farm Below our Chalet


Our Donkey Neighbour

Schiers main street

Schiers Main Street

Looking forward to tomorrow’s trip. Agnes has two weeks holiday from her job in Landquart so it will also be nice for her to get out for a while. In the meantime the guests will dine with us this evening.


8 thoughts on “A Last walk Around Schiers

  1. I have read your diary by coincident and I have to confess: it blew me away…..you did a wonderful job. And of course reading about Schiers my hometown was quite touching, since I do live in South America. Thank you very much for sharing this.

    • Welcome, Hans, and thank you for your comment here. I’ve been back in England some months now but I too enjoy looking back at my time there. I hope you manage to get back to Schiers now and again. Barbara

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