In Chur today

It’s hot and muggy here today and we have new guests from Germany. So I worked on the room this morning and after a late lunch I thought I’d have another trip to Chur. I wandered through the old town to the Arcas Square where there’s another Lesebank. I had a quick look but decided to carry on reading my own book on a shady bench on the opposite side of the square.

Arcas Square

In Arcas Square (above and below)


Then I visited the Cathedral (Kathedrale St Maria Himmelfahrt). Is it old is it new? It’s an excellent combination of both. A recent renovation in sympathy with the old.

Then I looked in a dress shop [Boutique Ivka] and was finally tempted by the lovely owner to go in and although I explained that I was not going to buy she seemed happy to show me various very tempting items and I even tried some on … but did not succumb. Some very lovely, flattering pieces in stock!

Finally, though having seen myself in the full length mirror, I still headed for Marron the cafe opposite the station where you choose a piece of Plum Tart (or whatever) and a tea (Vanilla and Rooibos, in this case) and watch the world (or at least the city of Chur and the train to Arosa) go past.


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