Sunday Lunch in the Alps

Before Susanne and Ueli drove home this afternoon they decided we should have a walk and lunch together at a nearby place recommended by a friend of Susanne’s who originates from this area.

Gasthaus Fädara

The Gasthaus Fädara

It’s just a twenty minute drive up hill and through the village of Seewis to the car park for Fadära. A further twenty minutes on foot and you arrive at the restaurant to make a reservation and just to finally work up an appetite you can walk a for further twenty minutes (and back) to a viewing point called Fadära Stein (stone or, in this case, cliff).

View 1

View from The Fädara Stein – looking up the Rhine Valley (northeast)

View 2

View down the Rhine (south) towards Chur

Fädara terrace

Restaurant Terrace

Sunny and warm on the restaurant terrace – a group of ladies in their traditional costumes were dining together in the cosy Alpine restaurant.

Costumed lady

Susanne and I shared this typical dish of the region. It’s a bit like small dumplings in a pesto and cream sauce with, of course, the ubiquitous cheese, plus hazelnuts. Needless to say it disappeared very quickly along with glass of, also local, riesling.


Hausgemachter Bündner Pizokels

On our way back to the car Ueli saw a ribbon fluttering in the meadow and rescued one of those postcards where you send it back to the organiser to tell them where you found it. I discovered when I got home that it came over the border from Austria – in fact not so very far away! It had been released into the air by wedding guests the day before.


Please return this postcard to the newly-weds and tell them where you found it!


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