Ruinaulta (Romansch for Rhine Gorge)

This morning as I prepared the breakfasts I thought I would just have a nice quiet ‘moochy’ day. Take a walk around the Schiers area, finish my current book, upload some photos to Flickr, sit on the terrace with a pot of tea chatting with Agnes. But Agnes came home and declared that today we should take a trip to the Rhine Gorge, buy a day-ticket for hopping on and off trains and buses and do a bit of hiking – so who am I to complain??

We cleared away the pots, shoved in them in the dishwasher, put a load of laundry in the washing machine, donned our boots and headed for the station. The station booking clerk sold us the ticket, gave us a timetable and we headed off down to Chur. There was a 50 minute wait at Chur so Agnes suggested a nice cafe across the way. We chose a pastry each and a tea and before too long we were hurrying to the platform and the train to … who knows where? I only know that we got off at a request stop Valendas-Sagogn (it’s all Romansch language round here) and walked back to the previous station.

Vlendas-Sagogn Station

I thought it would be a walk between the Rhine and the railway line. But no way! It was at first, then went up to meadows and down to forest and over heaps of stone and along wooded tracks and all the time with magnificent views of the cliffs and caves on the opposite bank and to the noise of rushing torrents.

River Rhine

The River Rhine in the Ruinaulta

At Carrerabach

At Carrerabach – edge of the protected natural area where we had to divert away from the river

Rhine Gorge

Up to meadowland

Meadow walking

Swiss bee hive

A Swiss Bee Hive

Rhine and Rail

Rhine and rail

At Versam-Safien we caught the postbus to Tenna. This amazing village high, high up in the Alps at 1654m ASL has a shop, post office, hotel with sun terrace, school and church. I can’t imagine that the road is kept open all year to serve this community of 110 inhabitants … but it is!

Postbus at Tenna

Alpenblick Tenna

Sunny Terrace at the Hotel Alpenblick, Tenna

Back at Versam-Safien station we had only a minute or two to wait for the train to Chur where we made a quick dash to the little station supermarket for a few essentials for the evening meal before making our way back home for dinner outside on the terrace in the last of the evening sun.


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