Another Day, Another Mountain Footpath

On the Wine Trail yesterday we went past a Cable Car Station so this morning when Agnes said that after doing breakfast, the ironing and a couple of other ‘chores’ I could take the rest of the day off I asked her about the aforementioned Cable Car. “Oh, there’s a much nearer one with much better views,” said Agnes and she then proceeded to tell me about the Postbus to Fanas from Schiers Station and the cable car to Eggli and the restaurant high up there at Eggli and the footpath down to Schiers. How could I resist.

So I took the 1.30pm Post Auto from the station :

Post auto bus

Fifteen minutes later boarded the Cable Car (only one passenger – please, close the door and send it back down) :

Fanas Cable Car

About ten minutes after that landed at Eggli :

Eggli station

Climbed the steps to the obligatory mountain restaurant :


Five minutes on was admiring the view from the terrace :

Eggli view

And the apricot tart :

Apricot tart

And watching the hang gliders :

Hang gliders

Before starting my descent to Schiers :

Signpost Schiers

The first part of the walk is the Blumenweg [Flower Way] :


The flowers and information boards match up nicely :

The flowers match up w info

Then it gets more difficult and, after the rain we had last week, distinctly muddy.


Nice to get onto a dry, tarmac road and be around civilisation after a while.



2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Mountain Footpath

    • Yes, that’s the best news from here! Hope it has the UK, too. Lovely, but very hard going in places. It was classed as easy – not so sure about that but then I’m from Lowland Britain!

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