Me and RakiRaki is probably my favourite of the Rossgasse cats. Poor Raki was found in a bin in Zurich by Agnes’ daughter’s neighbour. The neighbour had enough cats already but was on the look out for someone to take him on. So, Agnes stepped in. Raki is disabled from brain damage but able to get around in a clumsy ‘drunken’ fashion; hence his name. Raki is a Turkish alcoholic drink. One of Agnes’ favourite holiday locations is Crete and raki is also called by that name in Crete. “Cretan tsikoudia (which is also known locally as raki)


When the food is being distributed Raki can MOVE! He hobbles along so quickly. He could, of course, also be called Lucky. Not only is Raki a survivor from birth but he has a penchant for lying in the road outside the house. About 6 cars a day come along this road and he doesn’t always move out of the way so the cars stop and someone gets out and lifts Raki to the roadside out of danger.

Raki in the Road

Raki in the road

Raki again


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