Back to nature – high up in the Alps

This weekend I spent with good friends of mine in Bern. Saturday was quite restful, just a wander round the market, coffee with another friend and a rest/reading in the afternoon. There was a party – 50th birthday of two friends of Barbara and Paul – in the evening.

The highlight of the weekend, however, was a visit to their alpine retreat in Kleine Melchtal. Our drive took us past Lake Thun, Interlaken, Brienz, over the Brünig Pass (in 1977 I worked at the Hotel Alpenruhe in Haslital), down to Lungern in Obwalden (I worked at the Hotel Rössli in Lungern in 1975) and along the valley as far as Sachslen where we stopped for a coffee. Part of the final track is restricted – odd hours down and even hours up – so we waited until after 12noon before undertaking the final ascent to the alp high up in the Kleine Melchtal.

Walk to the Alp Hut

From the car park to the hut is not far

B is happy to be here

Barbara is happy to be here!

1131m above sea level


B's garden protected from straying cows

Barbara’s garden is protected from straying cows!


Edelweiss in the garden

The weather wasn’t so good – the cloud hung low over the neighbouring mountains – but it didn’t rain. When we arrived Paul lit the fire and Barbara showed me around the hut. There’s no electricity, no running water (just a spring of fresh water) and everything must be kept in huge plastic boxes to prevent damp and keep mice out.

Downstairs living area

The downstairs living area

One bedroom

One of the bedrooms

It was lovely to eat outside on the terrace – ‘toasted’ cervelat and sausage. Then a short walk to some waterfalls and hiking paths and back to tidy up and leave the alp.

Lunch in the alp

Lunch on the alp

Common spotted orchid

Common Spotted Orchid we saw on our walk

Many walking possibilities

Some hiking possibilities. Nearby Aelggi is the geographical centre of Switzerland.

The hut in Kleine Melchtal

The hut from our walk

The shower

You may shower here if you like!

They then drove me to Lucerne Station from where I took the train back to Schiers.


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