Schweizersiches Volkstanzfest Chur 2013

“We don’t work on Sundays!” said Agnes this morning. “Well, only when there is a guest changeover.” A young couple left this morning but we can sort the room tomorrow as there are no new guests this evening.

Dance Festival programme

So we took the train together to the nearby city of Chur and visited The Schweizersiches Volkstanzfest [The Swiss Folk Dance Festival] which is being held in a field there this weekend. Swiss country people congregate every 3 years in their folk costumes, or Trachten, for dancing, music, food and drink and general enjoyment. Every Canton has its own distinctive outfit – especially the ladies. Austrians and Germans also participate.

Dance Festival in Chur

These beautiful outfits cost thousands of francs to buy – all handmade and embroidered – or hours and hours of work if they make them themselves.

Bernese costume

A Bernese Tracht


More Costumes

Back view


3 thoughts on “Schweizersiches Volkstanzfest Chur 2013

  1. Since childhood when I saw little girls in Wales in national costume I have always thought it a shame the English don’t have one. The embroidery on these is stunning…..lovely to catch a glimpse of Chur again too.

    • Chur was very quiet today – everyone was at the festival. The costumes are just fantastic. How they managed to look so cool on such a warm day – and dancing too – I don’t know. I’ll post more Chur pictures on Flickr.

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